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Thousands of Israelis march outside the old city of Jerusalem on May 20, 2012, as they celebrate Jerusalem Day when Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem — the Arab sector — in 1967. Israeli police arrested several Palestinian demonstrators (bottom) throughout the day. (Getty Images)

From +972:

Jerusalem Day is not a celebration of a unified city, but rather a show of Israeli power, a reminder for the Palestinians that Jerusalem is an occupied city where non-Jewish residents don’t count.

Every year, Jerusalem Day brings a depressing shadow over East Jerusalem. While Israelis celebrate the “liberation” of the city, Palestinians mourn the beginning of a long journey of oppression and occupation. On Jerusalem Day, tens of thousands of Israelis right-wing activists are allowed to parade in the streets, Palestinians are told close their shops, remain in their homes and not bother the celebration.

Every year’s celebration of Jerusalem Day is full of provocation and attacks on the local Palestinian population. In this video, you can see an example of what happens. First comes the famous slogan “Mavet Le’Aravim” (Death to Arabs), then physical attacks such as stone throwing. The police often tries to calm things down but Palestinians are often arrested even if beaten by the extremist marchers.

Related: “Death to Mohammad” — Watch: Jerusalem Day’s (2011) racist march, escorted by police

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